Simple Tricks to Improve Your Child’s Dental Hygiene

As a parent, you have 1000 things running through your head as try to give your children the best life possible. We know you’re busy and any tips or tricks to make your life easier are extremely beneficial. So, our team came together and found 6 simple tricks that can help improve your child’s dental hygiene. These tips are made to take a little off your plate and are here to help improve your child’s dental hygiene little by little.

1) Make a game out of it 

Hands down the easiest way to get a kid to do anything is to make a game out of it. These games can be simple but should focus on three things 1: brushing for 2 minutes. 2: Flossing all their teeth. 3: Using mouthwash. Our recommendation is to let your imagination go wild and find unique ways to make a game out of getting your child to follow a dental routine. 

2) Teach them the importance of keeping their teeth clean 

Another simple trick is to show them the importance of a dental routine. This option is borderline a scare tactic, but showing what happens if you don’t brush your teeth is a simple way for your child to see the seriousness of dental hygiene 

3) set a timer in their bathroom

Most kids lose track of time and then end up brushing for way less than the recommended two minutes. Utilizing a timer can help make sure that the 2 minutes are met. 

4) Show how important it is to you and your child will follow 

Kids mimic their parents. If you follow through with a dental routine chances are so will your kids. If you couple this option with #1 & #2 you are bound to both have a fun time with your kids AND help them improve their dental hygiene 

5) Lower their sugar intake 

Our second to last tip is one that your kids may not like but is extremely important in both dental hygiene and the overall growth of a child. Our recommendation is to limit their sugar intake including sugary drinks and foods. This will help limit their plaque build-up allowing for an easier brushing experience 

6) Get your child to stop fearing going to the dentist 

Did you know that 1 of every 5 children is afraid of the dentist? If this is your child don’t worry. Our recommendation is to have a sit down with your child and talk to them about what a dentist really does and how they are protecting their teeth. This usually helps with them being afraid and allows us as dental professionals a chance to help teach them the proper techniques for dental care. 

Thank you for reading! 

If you have any other great tricks to help improve your child’s dental hygiene let us know in the comments! 

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