The Best Morning Dental Routine 

Mornings can be tough. Many people want to sleep in a little later and end up in a rush out the door or are running around getting their kids ready for school. In this rush, many adults miss important steps in their dental routine that could save their teeth and save them thousands in dental bills later on. For that reason, our team came together and created a simple morning dental routine that is quick, effective, and will have your teeth feeling cleaner than ever. This is a step-by-step process and shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes every morning. 

Step 1) Brush your teeth right when you wake up

Contrary to popular thought many dentists recommend that people should brush their teeth before breakfast rather than after. There may actually be a scientific answer to this question. While you sleep, plaque-causing bacteria in your mouth multiply. That’s part of why you may wake up with a “mossy” taste and “morning breath.” Dentists also recommend waiting to brush your teeth at least 30-60 minutes after eating which would allow the bacteria to grow even more. 

Step 1.5) Use a sonic toothbrush 

Sonic toothbrushes are scientifically proven to get a better clean than traditional toothbrushes. Most also include timers telling you exactly when you should be done brushing your teeth. 

Step 2) Eat breakfast 

Being hungry doesn’t solve anything and breakfast gives you the proper energy to take on the day! We recommend items that don’t have large amounts of sugar and include items like nuts and fruits as they help clean your teeth. 

Step 3) Floss your teeth

Now this one is really up to you, if you enjoy flossing in the night this may be an item for your night dental routine, but either way you need to floss daily. Flossing gets the junk that brushing can’t get and will provide the best cleaning. This usually takes 60 seconds and for speedier times we recommend floss picks (which can even be done on the go). 

Step 4) Utilize alcohol-free mouthwash 

Mouthwash is the third fixture in a good morning dental routine. This helps get out pesky plaque AND leaves your mouth minty fresh for the day ahead. 

Step 5) Start your day

Now that you have taken all the steps to create a great morning dental routine it’s time to start the day. We hope you have a wonderful day and want to thank you for reading this article.

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