How To Tell If Dental Implants Are Right For You

How to tell if dental implants are right for you may be one of the most challenging questions someone with missing teeth will face. Dental implants are a significant investment and for many are a viable option to regain normalcy in their life. In today’s article we discuss how to tell if implants are right for you, questions you should ask before deciding to get them, and alternatives if you decide they aren’t suitable for you. As always our team of dental professionals is here to help answer any questions you have and is just a phone call away. 

How to tell if dental implants are right for you 

As we stated above, dental implants are an investment and can sometimes cost anywhere upwards of $50,000 to be done. Due to this fact, we want to make sure you are positive that this is the best decision for your life. There are three factors at play when deciding if dental implants are right for you

  1.  You don’t have health conditions that will affect bone healing. 

Health conditions are a major factor in whether or not we will perform dental implants. Conditions that may result in ineligibility include diabetes, nicotine use, severe anemia, and hypothyroidism. Poor nutrition or a vitamin D deficiency may also be the culprit. If you have any of these conditions, talk to your dentist about alternatives to implants. If you’re clear of these and any other conditions that your dentist may ask about, implants may be for you.

  1.  You can financially afford dental implants 

As we stated previously dental implants aren’t cheap. Additionally, most of the time insurance doesn’t cover these types of procedures as they are deemed unnecessary so you must be prepared to invest if dental implants are right for you. 

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  1. Your teeth and surrounding bones 

Unfortunately, not all jaws are able to have implants performed on them. Dental implants use metal screws to fasten into the jaw. If you don’t have enough bone to work with the procedure could be a failure. To see if you are a candidate for dental implants contact your dentist today. 

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Questions you should ask to tell if dental implants are right for you

These are seven questions that you should deeply ask yourself before deciding whether implants are right for you. 

  1. Am I not smiling because of my teeth?
  2. Do I miss eating my favorite foods? 
  3. Am I missing out on life due to my teeth?
  4. Do I like wearing dentures?
  5. Do I want a nonremovable option? 
  6. Is it worth the investment? 
  7. Will it make me happier? 

After answering these questions, if they all turn to get implants you may be right to get them. The next step would be to set up a consultation with a local expert and see where you lie. 

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