What to do When a Baby Tooth is Loose? 

If you are a new parent things can get complicated. So many people will throw you advice on what they did when their child was young, or what they heard on the radio. This information can become overwhelming and you may not know what to believe. Our team of experts is here to help, well at least when it comes to teeth! Today’s topic is baby teeth and what to do when they are loose. Should you pull them? Should you let me come out natural? Should you tie a string to your car and drive? We will give you the inside scoop on what to do when a baby tooth is loose down below.

What are baby teeth? 

Baby teeth are the first set of teeth that come in, these teeth usually come in around 6 months after birth. These teeth also known as deciduous teeth are usually in a child’s mouth for the next 5 ½ years. Around age 6 these teeth will start to be replaced by adult teeth also known as permanent teeth. 

When Is It OK to Pull Baby Teeth?

Almost all baby teeth will fall out on their own. Some may need a little help and children pull them with their fingers or tongue. Once a tooth goes from loose to truly “wiggly,” only a small amount of tissue holds it in place. That usually makes it easy to remove the loose teeth. But if that loose tooth bothers your child, she may ask you to pull the tooth for her. 

It’s probably OK to remove your child’s tooth if she is nearly 6 or older and the tooth: 

  • Is very loose, just hanging on by a little bit of tissue
  • Loosened on its own, not because of a dental problem or accident

It’s not OK to pull a tooth if:

  • It’s barely loose, even if it’s been that way for a long time. The socket may bleed and hurt more than necessary if you pull a tooth that’s only a little loose.
  • Your child has had an accident or a dental problem that made the tooth loose.
  • They are under age 5. Baby teeth that come out too early can lead to issues like crooked teeth later.

If you’re not sure whether it’s OK to help pull a loose tooth, call the dentist.

What’s the Best Way to Remove Baby Teeth?

It’s usually best to let teeth fall out on their own or let your kids pull their own loose teeth. But if your son or daughter wants help, here’s how to do it:

  1. If your child is worried about pain, place a clean ice pack on the gum near the tooth for a few minutes to numb the area.
  2. With a clean tissue, gauze, or piece of paper towel, grip the tooth. 
  3. Quickly but gently twist the tooth until it falls out.

Here’s what not to do:

  • Don’t twist the tooth for a long time. If it takes more than a twist or two, the tooth may not be ready to come out.
  • Don’t tie a string around the tooth to pull it out. That’s not a safe way to pull a tooth. It can cause pain and other problems.
  • Don’t keep twisting or wiggling if it causes your child pain. If your child is in pain, see the dentist.

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