How to Know if You Need Emergency Dental Care 

Needing emergency dental care can be quite a scary time. This is usually reserved for those dental emergencies like a tooth falling out. Many are afraid to reach out and go through much-unneeded pain and anguish. Today we wanted to help showcase what really is a dental emergency and what situations you should immediately contact your dentist. For more information make sure to contact our team either by our contact form or by giving us a call at (218) 724-8227.

What is emergency dental care?

In general emergency dental care is, any dental problem that needs immediate treatment to stop bleeding, alleviate severe pain, or save a tooth is considered an emergency. This also applies to severe infections that can be life-threatening. If a person is feeling any of these they should contact their dentist immediately as they could lead to worsened conditions and should be fixed as soon as possible. Depending on the condition your dentist may have different recommendations depending on the situation so contacting them should be first priority.

What are common dental emergencies? 

Common dental emergencies include teeth falling out, cracked or broken teeth, and extreme tooth or gum pain. These are the most common emergencies and should be treated as soon as possible to ensure more problems don’t arise. 

Signs that you should contact a dentist 

  • You are Experiencing Bleeding:
  • You have Sudden Tooth Loss: 
  • You have Swelling: 
  • You are in Pain:
  • You have a Cracked or Broken Tooth: 
  • You have a Growth or Sore: 
  • You have a Metal Taste in Your Mouth: 
  • Your Jaw is Popping:

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