Best Parks for Kids in Duluth, Minnesota

As one of Duluth’s favorite family dentists, we love helping new families as they find things to do in our city. We decided to take a break from talking about dentistry in this week’s blog and wanted to showcase one of the best things to do in our city instead. Our team came together and found our favorite parks for kids in and throughout Duluth. This list includes both parks that have playgrounds, but also unique areas that offer things like bird watching, big fields to play in, access to Lake Superior, and more. Do you have a favorite park that’s not on this list? Let us know in the comments!

Leif Erikson Park

First on our list is hands down our favorite. Leif Erikson Park is a staple of Duluth and offers a big open area to play with your kids. Though it doesn’t have a physical playground, this area offers access to Lake Superior and a grandstand that hosts concerts, movie nights, and more! With a location right in the middle of Duluth this is perfect for a little get away, and Leif Erikson offers free parking by the Rose Garden giving you and your kids an extra adventure!

Playfront Park

Yep, you read that right, Playfront Park is a fun kids’ park & playground next to the famous Bayfront Park in canal park. This is one of the biggest parks in Duluth and offers hours of fun for kids. Also during the winter they also put out an ice rink so you can ice skate as a family.

Enger Park

Enger Park is one of the most unique areas in Duluth and offers a ton of fun trails for little hikes, unique structures to view all of Duluth, and a nature walk. Created to represent a Japanese garden this area is one of a kind and your kids will have tons of fun. We recommend going and finding and ringing the Japanese bell hidden in the park.

Chester Bowl

Another great option is Chester Bowl. Chester offers a wide range of things to do including a playground, open grounds, hiking trails, and more. If you are looking for a place in the city to get some forest this should be the place you go. Open all year around and with ample parking this is a great one stop shop for little day adventures. Pack a picnic and make it a full day.

Hartley Nature Center

If Chester Bowl isn’t your cup of tea Duluth offers a wide range of other parks within its city limits. One of the most iconic is the Hartley Nature Center. Hartley offers classes, little hikes, bird watching, and more fun adventures that you can do with your little ones. Check out their full offerings here:

The Duluth Lakewalk

Last but not least is the iconic Duluth Lakewalk. Though this may not always be considered a park, the lake walk offers ship watching, bird feeding, and the beautiful lake superior. This is perfect for those afternoon adventures and is a surefire way to keep your little ones entertained for a few hours. This area is also completely stroller accessible so keep that in mind as it does sometimes entail a lot of walking. Did you like our list of the best parks for kids in Duluth? Let us know in the comments!

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