How Often Do You Need to See the Dentist?

Short Answer – Every 6 Months

The short answer of how often you should see the dentist is every six months.

It’s a standard recommendation throughout the U.S. dental profession that both children and adults should visit a dentist every six months for a cleaning and oral exam. Many dental insurance companies cover two check-ups per year, and this frequency allows dental professionals to catch any problems while they’re still small and affordable to treat.

Your dentist will generally recommend how often you should come in for a check-up and cleaning. Most people who practice good oral care only need to see the dentist every six months, During this checkup, the dentist will check on your teeth to make sure you don’t have any cavities or areas of risk that could lead to cavities. They will also clean your teeth remove plaque, and leave you feeling fresh.

Long Answer – It Depends

There are some exceptions to this rule. For a normal healthy adult who has good oral care, the six-month timeframe is usually perfect. However, if you fall into the following categories you will want to get checked a little more frequently. This includes:

You’re a Smoker

Using tobacco can cause gum disease and also make it harder for your body to heal following dental procedures and oral surgery.

You’re a Cancer Patient

Some cancer medications can dry out the mouth and put patients at greater risk for oral health conditions. This could lead to cavities, gum disease, and more so people with cancer should make it a point to discuss this with their dentist

You’re Diabetic

Diabetes can contribute to gum and other oral health problems. People with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes should work with their dentist to create a visitation routine that works best for them.

You’re a Heart Patient

Oral health matters when it comes to preventing heart disease, as bacteria in the mouth can make its way into the heart. People with poor oral health have higher rates of cardiovascular problems compared to people with healthy mouths. Regular dental cleanings and check-ups may decrease your risk of developing heart disease.

If you meet any of the above criteria, you should let your dentist know and they will give you an updated recommendation based on your situation and risk.

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