7 Habits you Need to Quit Today to Have Healthier Teeth

Looking for a new year’s resolution or just want to treat your teeth better? If you answered yes to either of these questions this blog is for you. We came up with 7 common habits that people need to stop doing if they want healthier teeth. A lot of these are simple things you may not even notice you do, but could really damage your teeth in the long run. Our recommendation is to start small and slowly ween yourself off of any of these habits. Here are habits you need to quit today to have healthier teeth.

Stop smoking or using any tobacco products 

The first of the habits you need to quit today to have healthier teeth is smoking. Smoking is the #1 action that you need to stop today. If you smoke anything (may that be tobacco, marijuana, or anything else). This is extremely dangerous and could lead to teeth falling out, rotting, or breaking. The average tooth loss for smokers was 31.4% (31.8% for men and 31.1% for women) in 2021. Stopping smoking could save your teeth, your life, and your overall pocket by saving thousands every year. For help quitting check out this blog by the CDC: https://www.cdc.gov/tobacco/campaign/tips/quit-smoking/index.html.

Quit chewing on ice

This one may surprise you. You may think well after drinking a nice, drink its second nature to bite down on the leftover ice cubes. Though this seems like a harmless task. Actually chewing on ice can be very damaging for your teeth. Each time you munch on ice, you run the risk of causing cracks and chips in your tooth enamel, which can be quite painful and require an emergency trip to the dentist.

Stop biting your nails

Another item on our list that you may be surprised by is Biting your nails.. Doctors warn against it because of all the germs you are putting in your mouth, but the harmful effects of nail-biting extend to your dental health as well. For starters, biting your nails can break your teeth. Regular nail biting can also cause your teeth to move out of place because you are putting the same stress on the same teeth each time. This can shift your teeth to different positions and make your smile less attractive. Furthermore, biting your nails can have a lasting negative impact on your jaw. When you regularly bite your nails, you protrude your jaw forward for extended periods of time, which places unnatural pressure on it and can lead to jaw dysfunction and TMJ disorder.


Don’t brush your teeth too hard

If brushing your teeth is healthy, then brushing them hard must be even better, right? Wrong.

Pushing too hard on your teeth can wear away your gums. Gum recession becomes a serious problem if you don’t address it, leading to loose teeth or gum disease. Make sure to take it easy when you brush to ensure your teeth are safe.

Quit using your teeth as a tool

Beer bottles, candy wrappers, envelopes — when it comes to opening these items, don’t use your teeth. Not only can the teeth crack or chip from hard objects such as bottle caps, but this behavior can also lead to accelerated tooth wear, poor jaw alignment, and jaw pain.

Don’t use them like scissors. When it comes to clothing tags, packaging tape, and even wires, the best tool for the job is either a pair of scissors or wire cutters. Never use teeth! This is one of the most common ways people break or chip teeth and could lead to costly dental bills. We recommend going to your local dollar store and just picking up a few pairs of scissors.


Limit your eating and drinking of sugary substances

Sugary substances like candy, pop, and desserts are a surefire way for you to damage your teeth over time. Though brushing your teeth well can help dampen the effects of sugary treats, our recommendation is to lower or stop eating these substances altogether. 

Limit snacking constantly throughout the day

Just like eating sugary substances, snacking throughout the day is another bad habit that can damage your teeth over time. Limiting your snacks or brushing after consuming your snack are great ways to keep your teeth strong. 

Habits you Need to Quit Today to Have Healthier Teeth

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